Housing Assistance For Those On Social Security

If you are on Social Security disability, or Social Security supplemental income, you may wonder if you can qualify for some type of housing through Social Security. It can be difficult for those who are on limited income to be able to find housing that is affordable, and it can also be difficult for disabled people to find a home that is accessible to them. While the Social Security administration does not specifically provide any type of housing programs through their department, there are other ways for you to get housing assistance from the government, and some programs give preferential treatment to the disabled. This article will provide an overview on the different types of housing. 

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development 

The Social Security Administration does not offer any housing assistance for anyone who receives Social Security supplemental income or Social Security Disability, even though it is a sad reality that many people waiting for their Social Security claim to be processed do become homeless.  The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development offers a housing voucher housing voucher program that allows individuals to qualify for a number of housing and rental assistance. However, there is typically a long wait list for these vouchers.

If you check with your local public housing authority to find out if you qualify for housing vouchers, you'll find that individuals and families with disability are given high priority for obtaining assistance through one of their programs.  The Department of Housing also has "designated housing" and "certain developments" voucher programs that are specifically for individuals with disabilities. These programs are designed to provide long-term housing to individuals with disabilities who do not have a home.

Other Housing Assistance Opportunities

If you are on a waiting list for public housing, you may want to check around your local area for charitable housing assistance. Since the waiting list for housing, even those on a priority list, can be lengthy, there are many charitable organizations that can provide clean, affordable and safe housing for low-income individuals and families with disabilities. 

If you are currently living somewhere but are having problems paying the utility bills, you can check with your local or state government to find more information regarding payments for heating bills. Most states offer some type of assistance program for low income families and individuals.

Talk with a social security disability attorney from a firm like Duncan Disability Law SC for assistance in applying for social security benefits, and to determine what other programs are available for those on disability income.