What To Do If You Are Injured In An Accident

If you are hurt in an accident, whether it is due to a car crash or negligence on the part of a homeowner or business, there are several things that you should do in order protect your legal rights and collect the monetary settlement that you are entitled to. While an injury can be traumatic, it is important to think things through clearly and not act in haste. Remember to do the following when you are injured in an accident:

See a Doctor Promptly

When you're hurt in an accident, it is very important to have medical documentation of your injuries. In some cases, the severity of your injuries may not be immediately apparent, so make sure that you continue following up with your doctor for thorough examinations. In addition to strengthening your personal injury claim, seeking prompt medical care will also help you heal faster and prevent long-term health complications. 

Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

After an accident, you should focus on healing, not trying to represent yourself in a personal injury case. One of the biggest keys to winning a personal injury case and getting the compensation that you deserve is working with an experienced personal injury attorney like http://www.medilaw.com. Your best bet is hiring an attorney who specializes in your type of injury; for example, if you are hurt in an auto accident, you want an attorney who regularly takes these types of cases. Don't hire a car accident attorney if you have been injured in an accident at a retail location. Personal injury lawyers typically charge on a contingency basis, so you will not be responsible for paying any money upfront.

Do Not Speak with the Insurance Company

Most insurance companies want to settle claims as quickly as possible, and it is not uncommon for them to offer an injured claimant an immediate settlement if he or she will sign away their right to filing any future claim. You can avoid the hassles of dealing with the insurance company by refusing to speak to them on your own; instead, refer the insurance company to your attorney. Your lawyer will represent your bests interests and do his or her best to negotiate a fair settlement.

Document Everything

Don't rely on your memory after you are injured in an accident – document everything that happens so your lawyer has hard evidence to use when settling your case. Save all medical bills that you may receive, and ask your employer to provide proof of any loss of wages due to missing work because of your injury. It can also be helpful to take pictures of your injuries. This documentation, along with medical reports from your doctor, is essential in strengthening your case.