Workers Compensation And Stress Related Mental Disorders

The stress and pressure you may encounter every day at your job can have serious consequences when it comes to your good health. Some workplace events, like serious work related injuries, can have a negative effect on your mental health as well. In some cases, a workers comp claim is not about a physical injury at all.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder And Your Job

If you witnessed a horrible accident on the job that involved someone being severely injured, you may have vivid nightmares about it. You might also have a problem keeping images of the scene out of your mind during your waking hours. When a traumatic event becomes too much to bear, you should always seek the advice of qualified mental health counselor. If the traumatic event bothering you occurred on the job, workers comp will likely pay for the cost of your treatment.

Stress At Work And Heart Attacks

Workers comp will pay for treatment related to a heart attack if the sufferer can prove stress from work caused the attack. Finding a workers comp attorney you can trust, like Parker & Frey, to help you prove the stress at your job caused your heart attack is extremely important. Your physician can provide medical documentation about your stress levels and heart health, so asking him or her about it as soon as possible is a good idea. Remember to learn more about ways you can better handle work stress to avoid other heart related incidents in the future.

Physical Workplace Injuries and Depression

Sustaining a serious injury can cause enough stress on its own, but when you have a family depending on you, the stress is greater. If you have suffered an injury that caused you to lose the ability to work, you may have found already how depression can sneak up on you. If you prove in court your depression is caused by the injury you suffered on the job, workers comp will usually cover the treatment costs.

Mental Disorders Caused By Unusual Workplace Circumstances

While bullying seems like a problem you might hear about in school, you may be surprised how much it happens in the workplace as well. If you have suffered mental issues because of the bullying on the job, you could be entitled to workers comp because of stress induced problems like anxiety.

Never be afraid or embarrassed to admit you have something wrong mentally. Doing so can take a lot of courage, but always remember you are not alone in your battle.