Don’t Want A Prenuptial Agreement? At Least See A Divorce Lawyer Before Saying “I Do”

When you are in love, and about to get married, the last thing you believe will happen is that you will end up in divorce court. However, facts are facts and although divorce is not as prevalent as it was 35 years ago, current trends still show that 33 percent of marriages will end before the death of one partner. A prenuptial agreement seems to be admitting you are expecting the marriage to fail. Instead of a prenup, take a few hours and talk to a divorce lawyer atAbom & Kutulakis LLP. It could save your marriage at some point down the road, or ensure that a divorce does not end up in a nasty battle.

Relationship Advice

A divorce lawyer has years of experience dealing with relationships that have fallen apart. It only makes sense that he or she has a bit of inside information on the main causes of divorce. Sure, you know how to keep your relationship sound now, while you are single, with no kids. Once the dynamics of the relationship change, it can become harder to keep the same feelings. A lawyer can not only warn you about this type of problem, but has also had couples go through counseling to try and make it work. You can get some very good advice and may be able to avoid the conflicts that have you wanting out of the marriage.

Financial Advice

There are certain times when it would be beneficial to keep separate finances from your spouse. Any finances or property you have before getting married should be kept separate. Any gifts or inheritances you receive during the marriage should be kept that way as well. Also, if you receive some type of compensation for pain and suffering, put it in a separate account. This allows you to maintain the property as your own should something happen. While you can allow your spouse access to it, using your information, passwords, etc, make sure it is in your name only.

You should also have the lawyer prepare a complete financial statement for you. This way if there is ever any question about what you had before you were married, there is a record of it. This is not the same as having a prenuptial agreement, where everything is spelled out about what should happen if there is a divorce. It can also be handy if one of you should pass away and family members try to get something they do not have a right to have. Go into your marriage happy, in love, and knowing that it is going to last forever. However, a bit of preparation is never a bad thing.