What Should You Know When You Are Hurt At Work?

Being injured at work can present you with a number of challenges you need to deal with. You may accumulate hospital bills and need physical therapy or walking aids. Not only that, but you might feel a lot of pain as you recover. Because of everything you have to go through, you may be considering pursuing a workers' compensation claim, often called workers' comp. Use the advice below to ensure that the claim is processed successfully.

File Now

It is natural that your primary focus is on getting better and managing your pain and injuries. However, if you don't file your claim right away, you could very well lose the right to file any kind of claim at all. Different time limits exist for each state, so it is imperative that you start the process as soon as you are able to do so. How can you find out what the time limit is in your state? Call the Department of Labor, which should be able to help.

Be Smart on Social Media

As part of the process, your employer's insurance carrier is likely to do some investigation to determine if your claims of injury are valid. One way they may conduct this investigation is to work with investigators who do what they can to discover how truthful you are being about what you are claiming. Insurance investigators are now starting to consider social media to be a useful tool, so it is vital that you operate your social media profiles in an intelligent way.

For example, you may want to avoid posting photos or comments that indicate that you're doing activities that your doctor has told you to stay away from. Your doctor might have recommended that you stay in bed or perform light work only; if you post on social media that you were riding on a roller coaster or post a picture of you playing basketball, the investigator can present that information to the insurance company. As a result, you might have your claim denied.

To avoid that, it's wise to make sure that every social media profile you have is restricted or private so that only close friends and family can see what you're posting.

It can be difficult to keep your mind on the workers' compensation process when you are still trying to recover from injuries, so contact a local attorney with experience in this area. An experienced workers' compensation lawyer can guide you and ensure that you do everything you've got to do to earn the settlement you're entitled to. To learn more, visit a website like http://www.dlplawyers.com