Tips To Avoid Problems With Your Personal Injury Case

Suffering an injury can put a real damper on your life, possibly even impacting your job. Unfortunately, you sometimes have to take the insurance company of the party responsible to court to get everything you are owed from your injury. You don't want to do anything to compromise your case, either. The following tips can help avoid these problems.

Tip #1: Keep your story straight

Chances are that you have no intention of lying, but it can be easy to mix up dates and facts when you are being interviewed by many different people. Between the insurance company, their lawyers, and the doctors, slip-ups can happen. While the mistake may be innocent, it can be used against you in an attempt to prove that you are lying about your injury. Work with your lawyer to create an accurate timeline of events and treatments, and then commit it to memory so you are less likely to make a mistake under pressure.

Tip #2: Stay off social media

It's a good idea to close down your social media accounts so that they are private. Keep in mind that changing your settings doesn't guarantee privacy, though. Also, avoid talking about your case online. The best option is to avoid posting on social media at all, since pictures of you at events or even an innocent post about your weekend plans could be used by the insurance company in an attempt to show your injuries aren't very severe. Opt to stay offline socially as much as possible, and ask friends and family to avoid mentioning you or posting about you as well.

Tip #3: Listen to your doctor

Not following doctor's orders is one of the surest ways to ruin your case, since the insurance company can argue that your injuries aren't very severe if you aren't following your treatment plan. If you must deviate from your doctor's advice for any reason, make sure you document your reasoning for doing so. You may also want to discuss it with your lawyer first to make sure your reasoning is sound enough to stand up in court.

Tip #4: Don't accept anything without advice

The job of the insurance company is to try and settle with you, and they hope to do it for as little as possible. This means they may try and present you with a check before the actual court date. Don't accept or sign anything from the insurance company unless your lawyer is present. Even accepting a small amount, such as a reimbursement check for travel expenses, could cut into the final amount of your settlement if you don't read the fine print.

For more help, contact a personal injury attorney in your area, such as those found at Erickson Law Office.