3 Things A Bankruptcy Attorney Can Do For You

If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, there are many things you need to know. Too often, people look at bankruptcy as a simple process and decide to file for bankruptcy on their own. This is not a good idea. What you think is a simple process can quickly become complicated. Bankruptcy attorneys perform a variety of services that are beneficial to you. The following are only a few examples.

1. They can determine If you qualify for a bankruptcy

Just because you want to go through bankruptcy doesn't mean that a judge will allow it. Bankruptcy laws make it more difficult today than it was in the past. A bankruptcy attorney can let you know if you qualify. There are also different types of bankruptcies. There is Chapter 7; this discharges most of your debt. There is Chapter13; this reorganizes your debt, and there is Chapter 11. This normally is for businesses, but if your name has become synonymous with your business, often your personal finances and your business are so intertwined that a Chapter 11 filing is best.

2. They can stop creditors from harassing you

If you're like most people who have become overwhelmed by debt, you are getting a lot of calls from creditors and debt collectors, hounding you at all times of the day and night. Many of them can be abusive and threatening. Once you hire a bankruptcy attorney, all of these calls will come to a stop. Any questions anyone may have will be directed to your attorney. In addition, they can stop any actions against you by your creditors such as wage garnishment.

3. They can represent you in court

Creditors have a right to collect the money owed to them, so they have the right to challenge your bankruptcy. If you file on your own, how will you defend yourself in court against creditors? You will need to hire an attorney. But if you had one from the beginning, your bankruptcy may not have been challenged. If your bankruptcy is challenged, your attorney will handle the issue. You will not have to fight them in court. Also, many assets are protected in bankruptcy. By having representation, you will not be fooled into selling a protected asset to pay a debt.

One overlooked service of a bankruptcy attorney is the paperwork. All of the necessary paperwork will be drawn up and filed with the courts properly. Making a mistake with legal documents can be costly. You should always use an attorney for a bankruptcy. And don't let the fees prevent you from doing this. Bankruptcy lawyers understand your financial problems and have many options available for payment.

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