Adopting Your Stepchildren

If you married someone with children, then the topic of adoption has probably come up. You have built a relationship with your stepchildren and you love them. Adoption can solidify your blended family. With major life decisions, it is important to look before you leap.

You should start the conversation by calling your family law attorney. Read on to find out when you should consider adopting your stepchildren.

Sign Adoption Papers For The Right Reasons

It is a feeling of excitement to know your family can become complete from this process. You need to ask yourself the reason why you want to make this move. If your relationship is in chaos, then it may not be the right time to adopt the children.

Adoption is a major commitment. It tells children that you want and love them. If your marriage is not stable and ends in divorce, then you should still have a commitment to the child. You have to take care of this child financially and emotionally.

Some people adopt their stepchildren to save a marriage. However, if you make this decision when struggling as a couple, then you are going to put further stress on the relationship.

Provide Health Benefits

Some stepparents provide for the family like the birth father. They help financially and give input on parenting decisions. However, you are still not the real parent. If the child needs medical treatment, then you will have a say in the matter. Adoption allows you to be heard and secure place in the family. It also allows you to put your stepchildren on your insurance at work. If anything happens to your children, then they are covered by your insurance plan.

Get Consent From The Biological Parent

The biological parent of the child must agree to the adoption. He or she has to relinquish parental right. This is done by signing an adoption surrender form. You also have to file a petition for adoption along with any other requested forms. If your stepchild is 12 years old or older, then he or she must agree to the adoption.

Most children want to feel wanted and love. It can be difficult when introducing a spouse to the family. Stepparents must make an attempt to get to know their stepchildren. It means spending time and finding out your child's hobby. However, if you are considering adoption, then it is a conversation to have as a family.

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