When Is It Time To Seek Legal Help For Your Worker’s Compensation Case?

If you have been hurt in any manner while performing any task for an employer, workers' compensation insurance should cover your medical expenses and lost wages. Every employer is required by law to have this insurance for their employees. Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned, and you may find yourself not receiving the compensation you deserve. The minute you realize something is wrong, you should seek out local workers' compensation attorney services. Here are a few signs that you need legal help.

Claim Denied

A claim is filed by both you and your employer when there is an injury or you become ill due to something at work. Sometimes there is a problem with the paperwork in which vital information is missing or not quite clear. The insurance company can deny a claim it feels is not a true workers' compensation issue. This could be because they feel the injury isn't serious enough to warrant medical attention, that it did not happen while performing a work-related task, or all the times, dates, or information does not match. Any time a claim is denied it is best to get legal help rectifying the situation. A lawyer will find out why it was denied and correct the facts to make sure it is approved.

Employer Disputing the Claim

Sometimes, an employer will dispute some or all of the facts pertaining to the incident. This can make it difficult for the insurance company to approve the benefits. A lawyer will work with you to prove that the incident did occur while working. Remember, it does not mean that the employer was at fault for anything. In fact, the accident could have happened while you were messing around or being careless.

Not Receiving Proper Medical Care

If the insurance company is not approving payment for some medical treatments you need, a lawyer will make sure they start paying. Sometimes, extra paperwork is needed from all the different medical facilities you have been to. If just one of them is late or forgets to send the required information, then your insurance can be denied.

Do not just assume that because you were hurt at work and filed what you thought was all the needed paperwork that whatever the insurance company decides initially is the final outcome. A good workers' compensation attorney can make sure that you receive all the benefits you deserve, and this includes when you have a permanent disability that will need to go to social security disability insurance.