When A Car Accident Has Hindered Your Transportation Options

Accidents can affect victims in almost too many ways to count. Once you give your injuries the attention they need, you might wonder how you'll get by without your car. You are entitled to more than what most people think of when it comes to wrecked cars, so read on to learn more.

Transportation-Related Damages

Most people give little thought to how dependent they are on their vehicles until they lose them. Public transportation can be sketchy and unreliable, and most people hate to impose on their friends and loved ones for rides all the time. Accident victims are entitled to several forms of damages that relate to their wrecked vehicles, but this is one part of your claim where keeping good records really count. You be glad that you noted the following transportation-related forms of damage in your notebook as they occur since all of them can be submitted for reimbursement:

Many drivers have insurance policies that cover rental cars, but if your policy does not, you can still get reimbursed. You may have to pay the rental charges yourself while your car is being repaired or replaced.

If you need to take public transportation while your vehicle is out of commission, be sure to make a note and keep the receipts. This goes for taxis, buses, trains and more.

If you need to pay parking or tolls at any point after the accident as you are attending to accident-related issues, make a note of it. For example, if you must pay to park for a doctor's appointment, you are entitled to reimbursement.

Note the mileage before you leave for an accident-related errand or trip on a car and again upon your return to your home.

Other Common Forms of Damage

Transportation is only part of a complete compensation package, and your ability to keep good records is just as important here. When you wonder how much money you should expect as a result of your accident, you might try the following: make a list of all the ways the accident has affected your life, from the physical and mental injuries to your lost wages to the pain and suffering. You will need to take extra steps to ensure that you end up getting what you deserve, however.

Legal Action

You may not realize the value of your case without speaking to a personal injury attorney. This attorney will take your careful notes, receipts, reports, and records and evaluate your case and chances of success. The attorney won't take your case unless the case can be won. You can realize reimbursement of not just your transportation-related expenses but so much more by speaking with a personal injury attorney today.