Medical Care After An Accident: Don’t Take It For Granted

Injuries caused by another driver often have devastating consequences for the victims of car accidents. The need for immediate medical attention may result in thousands of dollars in medical bills for those injured by careless drivers. When it comes to medical bills, victims should not have to worry about who will pay them and when. Medical costs are so much more than an ordinary form of damage after an accident, though. Read on to find out why the cost of your medical care could play such a big part in what you are paid.

Payment of Medical Expenses

If the at-fault driver is insured, you will likely be covered for medical costs. Unfortunately, it's not that rare to find the insurer balking at some medical treatments and expenses. The greater your medical needs, the more likely it is that the insurer will place roadblocks in your way. For commonly-covered expenses, like emergency room care and hospitalizations, you might notice slow payments and accounts being turned over to collection agencies. For other needs, victims might be turned down outright. The insurer might not want to pay for things like air transportation to a trauma center, for example, or other expensive but vital costs. Speak to a personal injury attorney if you have problems with getting your medical treatment costs paid in a timely manner. It's in your best interest to keep organized with medical bills and turn everything over to your personal injury attorney.

Think of Your Future

The body can take time to heal from car accident injuries. In some cases, accident victims can be so badly hurt that they are not fully recovered months later. For those unfortunate enough to be permanently injured, the costs of ongoing medical care can easily bankrupt victims. If your injuries were severe or permanent, you need protection for the future. Speak to your lawyer about future medical payments. Don't wait till you've accepted a settlement to consider this vital and expensive need; do it now.

Take Medical Costs and Multiply

The total dollar amount of your medical costs when you agree to a settlement or file a lawsuit is part of a calculation. This calculation is for your pain and suffering. You might want to think of pain and suffering as the mental distress you've suffered as a result of your injuries. Pain and suffering are based on your medical costs, and you can arrive at a number by multiplying the medical costs by a factor that corresponds with your pain and suffering.

If you've recently been in an accident, talk with a car accident attorney in your area as soon as possible to start getting the compensation you deserve.