Expert Help with Your Social Security Situation

It can be devastating for workers when they are unable to work at their jobs due do a medical condition. Along with the depressing loss of a job comes a loss of income. The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides some former workers with a monthly benefit to help offset income losses from a job, but benefits are hard to get. Fortunately, workers in need of help with Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) have a valuable form of support available to them with no need for upfront fees. Read on to find out more about hiring a Social Security lawyer for help with your SSDI claim.

Are Social Security Lawyers Necessary?

Many people apply and receive benefits on their own but many more are turned down for benefits and never understand why. There are two important aspects of SSDI benefits that applicants need help with: the application and the appeal hearing.

The SSDI Application

The multi-page application for benefits can be complex even for those not suffering from a medical or mental condition. When you consider that it can take months for an application to be evaluated, it must be as complete, accurate, and as detailed as possible when it comes to your affliction. A Social Security lawyer can assist you in making your initial application complete enough to have your benefits approved without the delays caused by requests for more information and errors.

The SSDI Appeal Hearing

Despite an applicant's best efforts and hope, almost all SSDI applications get turned down after months of waiting for the results. Rather than feel defeated, applicants should realize that another step is required before they can be approved. The appeal hearing is an opportunity to explain your affliction in person and you can bring your Social Security lawyer with you.

Your lawyer can help make it clear why you can no longer work at your most recent job (or other jobs) and that you need SSDI benefits. They can argue on your behalf about every aspect of your claim and work to correct any misconceptions by the SSA. No matter what your disability is, you have a 63.6% chance of getting benefits approved by bringing your lawyer with you to the appeal hearing. Compare that to just 40.1% if you come alone to the hearing.

Paying Legal Fees

Many that need legal help are put off when they consider legal fees. Fortunately, Social Security lawyers work on a contingency fee basis and no upfront money is necessary to get started on your case. To find out more, speak to a Social Security law attorney about your need for SSDI benefits today.