Why You Should Exchange Emails With Your Personal Injury Attorney

If you have recently hired a personal injury attorney or are thinking about hiring one sometime soon, consider exchanging emails with your attorney in the weeks or months that they are handling your case. There is a good chance that your attorney or their team might have already asked for your email when you first hired the law firm to help with your personal injury case. If not, then you should consider sharing this information for the following reasons and more.

Stay in Proper Contact With Your Attorney And Their Team

It is very important to stay in contact with your personal injury attorney while they are handling your case, but this can be harder to do than some people realize. After all, your attorney's assistant might usually call you during the day, but you might be unavailable during regular business hours. With email, it is easy for you to contact your attorney and their legal team on your own teams and at your own convenience. This can make staying in contact a lot easier and more convenient for you.

There is actually a good chance that your attorney and their legal team might prefer communicating via email, too. After all, since many attorneys and their assistants are always busy with talking with clients, negotiating with insurance companies, performing research, going to court hearings, and more, these professionals might prefer being able to email you during the time when they have a quick break.

Send and Receive Important Files 

In some cases, your attorney might choose to send you files so that you can look over settlement offers or other important documents that might be related to your case. When you receive new paperwork from your doctor with information about your injury, then you might need to share this document with your attorney so that they will have the newest and most up-to-date information. It should be really easy for you and your attorney to share documents and other files back and forth with one another if you communicate via email.

Be Able to Look Back to the Conversations

When you are chatting with your attorney over the phone or in-person about your case, you might sometimes forget some of the things that were said during the conversation. If you use email to contact your attorney, however, you can look back at your conversations. Then, you can look up any legal terms that you might not understand or bring up any topics that you still have questions about in your next conversation with your attorney.

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