3 Reasons You Want To Fight Your DUI With Everything You Got

Judges usually hand DUI suspects harsh punishments when they appear in court. However, many innocent people still lose their lives in DUI-related accidents. That shows that many motorists are not aware of the long-term consequences of a DUI conviction. As a responsible driver, you may want to know how a conviction for drunk driving can impact your life and how a DUI lawyer can help. Here are a few DUI consequences and why you'll need to fight them with all your might when arrested for the offense. 

You Could Get Convicted

Driving while intoxicated is a criminal offense. Therefore, when the law enforcers arrest you for DUI, they will institute charges against you for violating the law. The prosecuting attorney will then table the evidence they collected during your arrest. For example, they might present sobriety test results and the accident information if you caused a collision that injured or killed another driver or passenger. 

The judge will evaluate the evidence before delivering their judgment. Your punishment could include a fine, jail time, or probation. The best way to avoid a harsh sentence is by working with a lawyer. They can use different defense strategies to convince the judge of a lenient punishment.

You Might Lose Your Driving Privileges

The judge might also suspend your driving license, depending on your crime's severity and previous convictions. However, they might recommend getting a temporary permit, which allows you to drive under certain conditions. For example, the court can allow you to drive your car when going to work or driving your kids to school. However, it may suspend the temporary license if you use it for something other than what you agreed to with the judge. A suspension of your driving license will cause a lot of inconveniences. Therefore, you might want to hire a lawyer to fight for you to prevent you from losing your driving privileges.

You Might Face Other Consequences Down the Road

Even after paying the fines instructed by the judge, you may also have to cater to all the plaintiff's medical expenses until they recover. Worst still, your name will appear on criminal records for years. As a result, you could have challenges getting a job and accessing loans, and you could have limited options for big purchases. Lenders might assume that you will not manage to repay your loans if the judge jails you after another DUI charge. A lawyer dealing with DUI convictions can fight for you to prevent a conviction that would make your name appear on the criminal records.

As you can see, being charged with DUI can cause immediate and long-term consequences. Therefore, you might want to hire a DUI attorney immediately to fight for you to avoid getting severe consequences. For more information on DUI law, contact a professional near you.