Has Your Teen Been Charged With An OVI? 4 Steps To Take Right Away

If your teen has been charged with an OVI, you need to take action right away. An OVI can have a lasting effect on your teen's life. An OVI conviction can stop your teen from getting into colleges or from finding employment. That's why you need to step in to protect your teen's rights. If you're not sure what to do, read the list provided below. Here are four steps you need to take now that your teen has an OVI arrest.  

Hire the Right Attorney 

If you haven't hired an attorney for your teen yet, now's the time to do that. But, you need to hire the right attorney for your teen. You need to hire an OVI defense attorney. An OVI defense attorney can help you and your teen through the legal process. They can also answer any questions you might have about the charges. 

Understand the Charges

If your teen is facing an OVI, you need to understand the charges. OVI stands for Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated. That includes any type of vehicle, motorized or not. In Ohio, there are different drinking limits for teens and adults. Adults can get charged with an OVI when their BAC is .08. A minor can get arrested for an OVI when their BAC is .02. But, there are other charges your teen can face when they're arrested for OVI. Some of those include reckless driving, open containers, and using a fake ID to buy alcohol. You understand all the charges your teen is facing. An OVI defense attorney can help explain the charges to you. 

Discuss the Consequences 

If your teen has been arrested for an OVI, now's the time to discuss the consequences. There are serious consequences attached to an underage OVI conviction. For a first offense, your teen faces a fine and jail time. Plus, they'll lose their license. If this isn't their first OVI, your teen may get more jail time, and a bigger fine. An OVI defense attorney can help your teen understand the consequences of an OVI. They can also help your teen maintain their driving privileges.  

Get Your Teen Into a Program

If your teen is facing an OVI conviction, talk to their attorney about intervention programs. If your teen is convicted of an OVI, an alcohol and drug intervention program can help them avoid jail time. Intervention programs can also help your teen understand the dangers of driving while intoxicated. 

Consult an OVI defense lawyer to learn more.