How You Can Stop Spam Calls From Bothering You Daily

Every day people get phone calls they don't want or are trying to sell them something. These are spam calls. The scary kind will try to get your personal information so they can try to rob you or take control of your phone. 

There are some things you can do to try to stop spam calls from ever ringing through to your phone. Here are some tips on how you can stop spam calls.

The Phone's Own Blocking Or Re-Routing Software

You might not know this, but many cell phone suppliers offer their own means of routing unwanted calls or stopping them altogether. You can check with your phone to see if this software is available on your device.

Some phones will interact with the spam calls and figure out whether or not it's a real phone call or not before it lets the phone ring. If it's determined to be a spam call, it will disconnect or route it to your voicemail, if it's a real call, your phone will ring. 

Others can silence unwanted calls. The phone will route the call to your voicemail and if it's a real or an actual important call, they can leave a message.

There are some third-party software solutions that also offer this service. You can do your research to see what program works best to stop spam calls on your phone.

Your Wireless Carrier

The majority of cell phone carriers will have their own call-blocking features built into your phone plan too. You can check with your wireless carrier to see what it offers and if you need to add it to your existing plan or if it comes for free.

This software can block spam calls completely. It can alert you to potential fraud or spam calls, and it can give you the ability to allow certain types of numbers through, for example, in case a doctor needs to get a hold of you. 

If your wireless carrier doesn't offer this service for free, or perhaps you would like a more comprehensive app, there are third-party apps to stop spam calls for a subscription service, while others are free.

In fact, many of these third-party apps are the same companies the large providers use for a similar service. This means that you are still getting great protection from spam calls, either free or for a better price than what your wireless carrier offers. For more information on how to stop spam calls, contact a professional near you.