FAQs About Self-Petitioning For A Green Card After Experiencing Abuse

In the past, a green card applicant who was being sponsored by an abusive spouse had very few options when it came to staying or leaving the relationship. Leaving could mean having the green card application rejected. However, changes in the law offer an alternative to staying in an abusive relationship. If you are in an abusive relationship with your green card sponsor, here is what you need to know. Read More 

Domestic Violence Charges And Divorce: What To Expect

No one enters into a marriage with the thought that the union will end in divorce. Emotions often run high when a divorce is imminent, and fighting between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse could result in the opening of a criminal domestic violence case alongside your divorce. If you have been arrested for domestic violence prior to the completion of your divorce, here are three things that you should expect to accompany these criminal charges. Read More 

4 Signs That The Nursing Home Isn’t Providing Your Parent With Proper Hygienic Care

When you and your family decided that a nursing home was a good option for your elderly parent, you probably did so with the assumption that the nursing home would provide him or her with good care. For example, you might have noticed that your parent was unable to take baths, change clothes and otherwise take proper care of himself or herself. Unfortunately, there is a chance that your loved one's nursing home is not providing this care, either. Read More 

About Getting A Will Drafted Up & The Probate Process After Death

Have you ever wondered what might happen to your assets after you are deceased? If you want to play a role in who gets what, it is a good idea to hire a lawyer to assist with creating a will. Find out below about wills and the probate process, as well as what a lawyer charges to help. What Should Be Known About Wills & the Probate Process? Hiring a lawyer to draft up a will is a good idea because it can help with the avoidance of a big conflict after you are deceased. Read More 

An Overview On Spinal Cord Injury Cases

If you have sustained a spinal court injury as the result of an accident or fall, you already know the fallout of this type of injury is certainly traumatic. There are many costs associated with this type of injury, and many times your health insurance is not enough to cover all of those costs. You're probably considering a lawsuit, so it's important for you to understand the issues that may come along with this type of legal case. Read More