Will You Automatically Receive Medicare After Your SSDI Approval?

If you recently filed a Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) claim, you may want to know if you'll automatically receive Medicare or state insurance after your approval. Although SSDI is a type of insurance for people who can't work due to a temporary or permanent disability, it doesn't automatically provide you with Medicare benefits once the Social Security Administration approves your application. Currently, you have to wait at least two years before Medicare kicks in. Read More 

Is Your Elderly Loved One Being Mistreated? Nursing Home Warning Signs

No one likes the idea of having to go into a nursing home. However, many people become too ill to live on their own. They need the assistance that a nursing home can provide. Sometimes, though, the nursing home staff neglects or mistreats the people they are supposed to care for. It can be difficult to tell if your family members are being mistreated. They might be scared to talk about it, or they might not be aware of it. Read More