What To Know About Estate Plans And Revocable Trusts

The word trust can scare some people off, unfortunately. A trust is not a complicated issue at all, and it presents those planning their estates with a great alternative to a last will and testament. For an explanation of what a revocable trust is and why every estate should include one, read on. Understanding a Trust Consider a trust to be just like a bucket filled with estate property. That might mean your trust bucket contains real estate, cash, jewelry, and more. Read More 

3 Tips To Successfully Sue For Dog Bite Injuries

Were you recently bitten by a dog? If so, you may have needed costly medical attention, possibly missed work, and you could have experienced pain and suffering. You may want to file a lawsuit against the dog's owner to cover your medical bills and other expenses. Fortunately, it is possible to sue for dog bites in most states. However, it's not guaranteed that you will get all the money that you ask for. Read More 

When Purchasing A Second Property, A Real Estate Attorney Can Help

The home buying process differs from individual to individual, but from property to property. If you are a current homeowner with plans to purchase a second home or additional property, you will learn this information firsthand. Fortunately, it does not have to be an impossible process to navigate. With the help of an attorney, your dreams of owning a second property can be easier to achieve. Purchase Negotiation  With a property purchase comes several costs. Read More 

Can You Change Your Child’s Last Name After Divorce?

When you get married, it is not uncommon for one spouse to take the last name of the other spouse. As you have children, you likely gave that last name to them. Many people will often return to their surname once they get divorced. However, the children tend to keep their last name. In some cases, the partner who returned to their own last name may want to change their children's last name to match. Read More 

3 Things A Personal Injury Attorney Will Do To Prove A Salon’s Negligence Caused Your Wounds

Beauty parlors can do a great job of making you feel relaxed and pampered, although sometimes they can cause serious injuries. An attendant may burn your skin while performing a hot wax treatment or give you an infection through dirty tools. You can sue the salon if you have been injured due to recklessness. This is a significant decision that you should take seriously if you want to get a better reimbursement. Read More