E-Discovery For Commercial Litigation

As soon as companies learn about pending commercial litigation, they have to take specific steps to protect themselves. Here are some important questions that should be asked any time e-discovery is involved in a business lawsuit so that any important adjustments can be made to normal business processes. Is There A Legal Hold? Sometimes, internal counsel will recommend that the company put a legal hold in place on digital processes. The goal is to preserve digital information for a case. Read More 

Contesting The Testator: What Happens When You Do Not Agree With Your Parent’s Will

When you discover that your parent has made out a will, and you disagree with how that will is arranged, there are only so many legal approaches you can take to get the will changed in your favor. The probate process is not an easy one, since the majority of most wills are legal and binding. A probate lawyer, like David R Webb Attorney, can help you determine if your parent's will can be fought, and/or if it is worth fighting at all. Read More 

3 Things To Consider When Filing For Bankruptcy

Even though you might have done everything right over the years, there is no way to predict when your company is going to lay you off or an injury is going to take you away from your job. Things happen that are out of your control. While it might be stressful seeing all of the bills piling up with no way to pay them, there is an answer and it is simpler than you think. Read More 

Common Bankruptcy Errors to Avoid

Bankruptcy can be a great option for a consumer in financial distress because it allows them to start over with a clean slate. However, bankruptcy is a complicated legal process, and making a single error could invalidate the entire process and force you to start over or even lose the ability to file for bankruptcy. If you've filed for bankruptcy or are considering filing for bankruptcy, be sure to avoid these common missteps. Read More 

Is A Springing Power Of Attorney Right For You?

When creating your power of attorney, you and your attorney have to decide whether or not to use a springing power of attorney. Although this might seem the best course of action to take, it can possibly cause an even bigger headache for you and your family. If you are thinking of a springing power of attorney, it is important that you understand the potential problems that could occur.  What Is a Springing Power of Attorney? Read More