Helpful Advice About What To Do When They Want A Divorce But You Don’t

There are occasions when one spouse wants to divorce while the other would rather not. Is there anything that these people can do? At first, it can seem as if a contentious divorce will result, because, after all, it is hard to force someone to stay married. Surprisingly, there are ways to compromise. Who knows, perhaps the aggrieved person just needs some time alone. This fact does not mean there has to be a total dissolution of the marriage. Read More 

Can You Remove A DUI From Your Record?

If you are pulled over while driving under the influence, you may be arrested and convicted of a DUI. Even after you have paid the consequences, such as serving jail time or paying fines, it will still be on your record. While not a major crime, it can keep you from getting an apartment or qualifying for a job when they run your background check. Removing a DUI offense from your record is called expunging your record. Read More