What Montana Firefighters Should Know About Workers’ Compensation

From joint wear-and-tear injuries from retrieving heavy objects to lung damage from smoke inhalation, firefighters can be especially susceptible to the types of on-the-job injuries that are normally covered by workers' compensation insurance. But, until very recently, Montana — like many other states — had a far more stringent list of regulations governing the workers' compensation structure for firefighters, making it tough for firefighters to receive payment for cancer and other occupational health hazards, even when they hired an attorney. Read More 

What Is Needed To Prove Liability When Airbags Don’t Deploy During An Accident?

Airbags can minimize injuries when a car accident occurs -- that is, when they deploy. Sometimes airbags fail to open when they're supposed to, which can result in drivers and passengers experiencing greater bodily damage than they would have if the airbags had worked like they were supposed to. It is possible to recover money for medical bills and other expenses associated with your injuries, but here are two issues that must be dealt with if you hope to win your case: Read More 

3 Compelling Reasons To Hire An Attorney When Employment Age Discrimination Occurs

Not getting a job because of your age is completely unethical and illegal. If you believe this unfortunate event happened to you, waste no time in getting help from an employment age discrimination attorney. They can help you in the following ways.  Assess the Strength of Your Case  Taking a company to court over age discrimination is a lengthy and possibly expensive process. So that you don't waste your precious time and money, you need to be certain you were discriminated against because of your age. Read More 

FLSA Overtime Exemptions Explained

Employees are the lifeblood of any company. A history of employers exploiting their employees has resulted in the federal government stepping in to establish basic guidelines to protect employees' right. These guidelines are referred to collectively as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Some types of employees are exempt from overtime provisions contained within the FLSA. Understanding these exemptions will allow you to better protect your rights in the workplace in the future. Read More 

Insurance And Court After An Accident: What You Need To Know

When you are hurt in a car accident due to someone else's negligence, you can opt to recover your damages through a personal injury lawsuit. You and your lawyer will work together to get through the process, which can often be lengthy. The following are the steps you can expect to go through as you navigate your claim: Work with Insurance Carriers One of the first steps is to contact both your and the other driver's insurance carriers. Read More