Don’t Want A Prenuptial Agreement? At Least See A Divorce Lawyer Before Saying “I Do”

When you are in love, and about to get married, the last thing you believe will happen is that you will end up in divorce court. However, facts are facts and although divorce is not as prevalent as it was 35 years ago, current trends still show that 33 percent of marriages will end before the death of one partner. A prenuptial agreement seems to be admitting you are expecting the marriage to fail. Read More 

How To Know That It Might Be Time To Hire A Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Being involved in a motorcycle accident can be scary, frustrating, and potentially painful, especially if you received significant injuries from that accident. It is important to make sure that you have support when you need it, including hiring a motorcycle accident attorney if the situation warrants it. Check out the following signs that might indicate that you truly do need professional legal help. With these tips, you might be able to get the support you need to get back to your old self. Read More 

Workers Compensation And Stress Related Mental Disorders

The stress and pressure you may encounter every day at your job can have serious consequences when it comes to your good health. Some workplace events, like serious work related injuries, can have a negative effect on your mental health as well. In some cases, a workers comp claim is not about a physical injury at all. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder And Your Job If you witnessed a horrible accident on the job that involved someone being severely injured, you may have vivid nightmares about it. Read More 

Do You Know These Two Types Of Fathers As Recognized By The Law?

You are a legal father to a child if he or she is your biological offspring or adopted by you. However, this is not the only situation in which the law may designate you as the father of a child. Here are some two lesser-known types of fathers as recognized by the law: Presumed Father If you are generally assumed as the father of a child, even without factual or legal confirmation, then you are a presumed father. Read More 

Housing Assistance For Those On Social Security

If you are on Social Security disability, or Social Security supplemental income, you may wonder if you can qualify for some type of housing through Social Security. It can be difficult for those who are on limited income to be able to find housing that is affordable, and it can also be difficult for disabled people to find a home that is accessible to them. While the Social Security administration does not specifically provide any type of housing programs through their department, there are other ways for you to get housing assistance from the government, and some programs give preferential treatment to the disabled. Read More