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Get Your Life Under Control: Filing For Bankruptcy After A Difficult Divorce

If you've been through a difficult divorce, then you understand how much the whole experience can wreak havoc with your life. When your divorce has left you having financial difficulty, you have options. While debt such as student loans, income tax, and child support payments can't be erased through a bankruptcy, other unsecured debts can be. If you have credit card debt and you are barely making minimum payments, or if you are struggling to pay off old debt from your marriage, you have the right to file for bankruptcy. Read More 

FAQs About Self-Petitioning For A Green Card After Experiencing Abuse

In the past, a green card applicant who was being sponsored by an abusive spouse had very few options when it came to staying or leaving the relationship. Leaving could mean having the green card application rejected. However, changes in the law offer an alternative to staying in an abusive relationship. If you are in an abusive relationship with your green card sponsor, here is what you need to know. Read More 

Want To Reduce Your Tugboat Accident Risk? These Strategies Are Simple But Often Overlooked By Rushed Captains

If you work for a tugboat company, you know how dangerous the work can be. It can also be expensive work and rushed if there are a lot of boats that need towing. It's all too easy to cut a few corners for the sake of time or budget, but this is a bad idea -- safety needs to take priority over schedules and costs. If you are concerned about avoiding open water injuries, which can often be deadly, ensure that the following strategies are already in place. Read More 

Three Precautions To Ensure Your Intended Beneficiary Gets To Keep Your Mortgaged House After Your Demise

You can bequeath a mortgaged house to any beneficiary, but being sure that they will be able to keep it is another matter. Financial and legal problems can rob your beneficiary of their inherited house.  Take the following precautions if you want your loved one to own and keep your mortgaged property:  Ensure They Can Afford the Payments The first thing is to ensure that your beloved beneficiary will afford the mortgage payments. Read More 

Tips To Avoid Problems With Your Personal Injury Case

Suffering an injury can put a real damper on your life, possibly even impacting your job. Unfortunately, you sometimes have to take the insurance company of the party responsible to court to get everything you are owed from your injury. You don't want to do anything to compromise your case, either. The following tips can help avoid these problems. Tip #1: Keep your story straight Chances are that you have no intention of lying, but it can be easy to mix up dates and facts when you are being interviewed by many different people. Read More