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Three Things To Do Once You Know The Bank’s Going To Foreclose

If you're a homeowner who has gotten to the point where you know the bank is about to start foreclosure proceedings, you need to take action. Because negotiations to stop foreclosures, and the actual foreclosure process, can be unpredictable, you have to be ready for anything, even if it looks like the process will take a while. Here are three steps to take once foreclosure looks imminent. Packing and Storage Read More 

Understanding The Inspection Requirements Under Massachusetts Title 5

If you're shopping for, or already own, property in Massachusetts, you need to familiarize yourself with the state's Title 5 regulation. Title 5 applies to any property with a septic system and requires that there be a full inspection of the entire septic system before the property can be sold or the ownership can be otherwise transferred. The goal of this inspection is to ensure that the septic system on the property is in good condition and adequate for the property. Read More 

Tips for Estate Planning for a Parent With Alzheimer’s Disease

Estate planning is an important part of preparing for the future that many people put off. Unfortunately, as people grow older, their ability to handle legal matters can sometimes diminish. If you have a parent who has Alzheimer's disease, it is likely that you will need to get involved with his or her estate planning. Here are some tips to ensure that your parent's estate is properly handled.  Get Medical Advice Read More 

What To Know About The 6 Types Of Debt That You Cannot Include On Your Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can serve a vital function for those who have seen their debt burden rise at an alarming rate and are now in danger of losing a place to live, a car to get around with and more. Debt collection attempts alone can make your life miserable. With a chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, you can expect to see an immediate ceasing of all collection agencies, with few exceptions. Moreover, you will no longer be obligated for the vast majority of the debt that is plaguing you. Read More 

Using The Unfair Claims Act To Force The Insurance Company To Behave

With insurance companies claiming to "be on your side" and that "you're covered" to the background of catchy jingles in television commercials, it's easy to forget that these companies are in the business of making money. This means that when you actually submit a claim for an auto accident, you may be subjected to questionably ethical tactics designed to reduce your chances of getting that claim paid. You can counter this behavior in a couple of different ways, and using the Unfair Claims Act can be an effective option. Read More